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 Currently Available: Dutch Shepherd & Belgian Malinois Working Line Pups
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To Inquire About Purchasing A Liberty K9 Working Line Pup or Dog:
Call Tony Richling at 270.927.8646 or Email

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  Malinois (Carlos, Duncan, Shadow, Dutchess) 2/28/12    
 Malinois Pups for sale 
 Malinois Pups for sale 

  Dutch Shepherds (Blue and Jonah) 3/24/12 

  Dutch Shephers Pups Dutch Shephers Pups
  Dutch Shephers Pups Dutch Shephers Pups

  Charlotte - SOLD

  German Shepherds  German Shepherds

Charlotte is a female black and tan German Shepherds dog who was born on 2-28 -11. She has lots of energy and would work all day. She always desires to be by her handlers side. She has an excellent foundation in obedience and agility and is now being trained for a family protection dog. She loves to play fetch and as her litter-mates is a strong healthy dog. She is sure to bring smiles and peace of mind to her future family.


Angelo and Frankie

Family Protection Dogs

Angelo and Frankie are male black and tan German Shepherds dogs that were born on
2-28 -11. They are currently being trained as a family/personal protection TEAM. Because the dogs have been together since birth they have formed a very close bond with each other. They feed off each others energy and work excellently together. They are very friendly and loving towards their handler. For the family or individual who has a real pressing security need, they should consider Angelo and Frankie. One dog is protection...two is an army!
The reliable sense of security and peace of mind that they would provide cannot be touched by any alarm system. They will be ready for their new home when they are approximately 18 months old. They will then have a six month transition period into their new home where they will finish their training with their new family. As all of our dogs, Angelo and Frankie will only be sold to a deserving family or individual.



Capp is a male Belgian Malinois/Dutch Shepherds dog who was born on 12-13-08. He is a high energy dog that thrives on work. Capp enjoys playing fetch and spending time with his handler. He has a great foundation in obedience, agility and family protection work. Capp is a strong healthy dog that has a very strong bite. No doubt that he would protect those he loves with his life. 


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To Inquire About Purchasing A Liberty K9 Working Line Pup or Dog:
Call Tony Richling at 270.927.8646 or Email

Deposits are recommended and are non-refundable.

From time to time we offer dogs for little or no cost at all. These dogs have a little history behind them but are still excellent stable dogs. Our goal is to find the proper home for these dogs. For full details and qualifications call Tony Richling at 270 927 86746 or email at

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